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The launch of the multicultural bookshelf in Tavira library

As part of the Tavira Limitada movement, an event was organised on the 9th June 2011, to officially open a multilingual shelf in the children’s library in Tavira.  The shelf is for children to find a place where they can find books in their native language.  Some books were contributed by Liz Beaupied from the bookshop Lura dos Livros, Tavira and its hoped that other contributions will be made to the bookshelf.    As part of the ceremony 11 children from different Countries read stories in their native languages and then explained in Portuguese what the stories were about.   All of the children are multilingual and attend schools in the Tavira region.  They hail from, Columbia, Moldovia, Ukraine, Belguim, Spain,  Brazil, Holland and of course Portugal.  Paula Ferreira head of the library officially launched the shelf and welcomed the parents, children and teachers.  Tela Leão from Tavira Limitada and Sónia Pereira from the children’s library worked with the children for over a month so they could practice presenting and reading in front of an audience.  Each child was applauded for their hard work.

Tavira Limitada is organising many events in Tavira over the summer.  The main aim is to raise awareness of racism and xenophobia and to demystify other cultures in order to develop integrated communities.  The facebook page can be found here.

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