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Chris Keil and Jenny Grainer – Writers in Tavira – Follow up

Chris Keil and Jenny Grainer came to Tavira to read in the not to be missed bookshop A Lura dos Livros.  Both writers have a passion for their work.   Jenny writes regularly for the Algarve Resident and has written for the Portugal News.  Her latest article about the recent tornado and the aftermath is here  Jenny has a keen eye for what has gone on over the last 30 years as an expat and resident.

What was obvious during the book reading and the workshop the following day is that Chris Keil, inhabits a world of his senses.  He comes to the Algarve for the sensuality, passion, intensity of this area, to be found in the warmth, the smells,  the people and the food.   His new book conveys that intensity in an unexpected way.  He explores relationships and the “stuckness” and consequences when passion is denied.

I loved the book Flirting at the Funeral and would encourage all books groups to read it and use it as a measure of what is going on inside of ourselves.  He talks about the book in a short and poignant and amusing movie on Youtube.  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-894F4NZhyg]

The bookshop A Lura dos Livros has copies of their books but you can also get them on Amazon if you do not live locally!

I am looking for more writers who want to come to read in Tavira.  I am especially looking for writers who can come next September 2013.   We are planning 3 days of writers and all things books in Tavira.  We of course have no money, but have passion, commitment, a sense of fun and there is no place like here where you can chill out, relax and dream and of course its a fabulous place for gathering material for your next book!

Please send me an email if you want to come.


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