Art exhibition at Casa das Artes, Tavira

As part of Tavira Ilimitada, Casa 5, launched a major exhibition in Tavira on the 10 June 2011.  Artists, friends, local residents and family mingled in Case das Artes to enjoy and hopefully purchase some new art.  The exhibition is made up of paintings, drawings, photos and clay art.  There are two rooms to the exhibition and separately there is a TV in a room showing a DVD of one of the artists Jason Berger in action painting Tavira.  Part of that video is on youtube so it can be seen here

There is a mixture of the local with the international, which reflects the attempt at raising awareness of racism and xenophobia which is the aim of Tavira Ilimitada.  The exhibition runs from June 10th to July 6th and is open from 22:00 – 23.30 at Casa Das Artes, R. Joao Vaz Corte Real 96 Tavira

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  1. Hi Sue! I’m new to WordPress and was searching for posts on Tavira when I came across your pages. We’ve owned a home in Tavira for 7 years and love the place, though alas we don’t live there. I was attracted by the photos in the Casa des Artes as we have often looked for exhibitions at this venue and been unlucky. We’re there again in a week or so and will have another look.
    I notice you express an interest in festivals. We were lucky enough to visit Tomar this July for the Festa dos Tabuleiros and it was fabulous!
    Will follow your posts with interest.

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