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Community Garden and Mobility Plan Update

Yesterday, 13 April I was blessed (I am not sure that is the right word) but anyway it was a gift, to be able to go to visit Community Gardens in Spain. I will do a separate blog post and add more photos and write about the trip tomorrow. But for now the important message is about the CEAT Community garden. The regulations consultation finishes tomorrow. It has been an impossibily short consultation period. I hope the Camara extends the period. This is the message I received from Ecotopia Activa Association today.

“As mentioned on the bus, Monday (15/04) is the deadline for participation in the Public Consultation of the Sustainable Mobility Plan of the City of Tavira (PMSCT).

The PMSCT can be consulted in full on the Municipality’s website, here:

The Plan defines the Amendoeira Community Garden area as an option for installing the new Tavira intermodal transport center. The current PDM defines the Horta da Amendoeira land as an urban area.

To defend Horta da Amendoeira you can send an email to expressing your objection to the construction of the “bus station” and invoking the arguments that advocate that space as a strategic location for vegetable gardens.

I am enclosing a draft that can be used or adapted by you, and sent to the email.

I also send the detailed Participation that was prepared by the Ecotopia Activa Association.”

Here is the response from Ecotopia Activa Association in English. It opens as a PDF file.

So this is just a reminder……….

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