Books for kids!

When I was growing up in Birmingham UK, my only sanctuary seemed to be books and Kings Heath library.  I now live in Tavira, Portugal and still have my love of books and reading.  I have had a little wake up call this week after visiting the children’s library in Tavira.  Its a wonderful, colourful space,  but some of the shelves seem empty.  I know reading is not a mainstream culture in Portugal.  It’s fairly rare to see Portuguese people sitting in Cafe’s reading books.  They have strong family ties and its admirable that families do things together and I suppose you could question the solitary and exclusive joy that reading brings into people’s lives.   It’s always seemed a positive contribution to my life and I suppose living in a house without many book means you probably find other things to do.  The weather certainly helps with outdoor living.  But anyway on the 9th June 2011, the library in Tavira is organising an event where children will come together to read their favourite books in different languages.  I have contacted a few friends to see if they want to involve their children and grandchildren.  I guess what we also need are some more books in different languages.  So if you have some books let me know and I will try to get them to the library.

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