Moving, oh no, does that mean change?

Sue Hall

It has been a busy International Women’s Day, week. My article Debunking Watchtower Misinformation For and About Women coincided with my desire to move all my blog posts to my domain host.

For about a year, I have intended to move everything to my domain address. I have been using the free WordPress blogger, for about 5 years, and my domain has pointed to

That has been useful, even good, but not perfect. My domain hosting comes with the opportunity to use WordPress without the ads. I could/should have moved everything a year ago, or even 6 months ago. Yesterday, I moved everything; I am not sure whether the formatting will be bizarre or if it needs time to settle in. So, sorry, if it looks weird. From now on I will post without ads! I will tinker with images and play with stories. It is all a process, similar to writing. Some things just vegetate for a while and then a new birth takes place, or you just move house to a different perspective. If you were a follower of the blog then please move over to this one. You may not need to do anything if you follow my domain

And as it is the Monday, after International Women’s Day, please have a coffee and spend a moment reading my article about women and why some women do the things they do.  Debunking Watchtower Misinformation For and About Women.  It was not easy to write.  The past has always had a fairly strong lid on it.  Exploring my own vulnerability and story has never been as much fun as poking around in someone else’s life in literature or in biography.  Perhaps, its time for a change.  In that ilk, I will post something later, about Pete Seeger who died in January.  I spent that week listening to some of his music and even watched a PBS movie about his life.  What a life he had! What a family, a loving, supportive family and what a legacy he left.  So, more about Pete later.


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