Hold hands on Tavira island and stop fracking

A peaceful protest to highlight the dangers of fracking and offshore drilling in the Algarve will take place on the island of Tavira this coming weekend 23 and 24 July 2016. It has been organised by Tavira in Transition – Tavira em Transicao.

The two days will be filled with talks, opportunities to sign petitions, sand sculpture workshops, jazz concerts, a sunset party with DJs and on Sunday 24th, people can join a human chain stretching all along the island’s shoreline.

The events are being carried out in partnership with the Council of Tavira, with the support of all the local authorities within the county of Tavira, the Association of Fishermen, the Rota da Dieta Mediterrânica – Mediterranean Diet Route, and a wide range of further local, regional and national associations with environmental, social and cultural aims.

Tavira in Transition is inviting all citizens, residents, and visitors of all nationalities, backgrounds and ages, to join them on the island in a gesture of unity. They want to get the message across –


Since the Algarve is a prime destination for tourists from Portugal and abroad, many locals and the organisers believe it is essential that information about the damage caused by fracking and offshore drilling is conveyed to as many people as possible.Ilha Tavira fracking demo

Angela Rosa spokesperson for Transition Tavira said:

The prospect of oil and gas exploration in the Algarve is a serious issue, one that puts at risk the quality of life not only in the Algarve but the whole of Portugal. We must prevent the disturbance of the fragile seismic structure of the region, the waste and pollution of our already scarce water resources, contamination of sea, soil, and air, and all the related negative effects on our health.

What we want instead is a future based on renewable energies, a local economy and a truly responsible and sustainable development.”

More information https://www.facebook.com/tavira.emtransicao/?fref=ts

Tavira Em Transição – Movimento de Eco Cidadania

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