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La mer and all that jazz in the farthest part of Europe

There are moments when you are glad you sat in the right chair. Yesterday afternoon at Sao Bras Jazz Club was one of those goosebump moments. The Hot Manouche Trio that turned out to be a quartet, played Django Rheinhart and other jazz greats. They are playing again in Cafe Cantaloupe on June 28, 2016. Well worth a night out.

Yesterday’s setting in the courtyard of the Museum of Work meant the band played between old agricultural implements and wagons. Overhanging vines framed them as Betty M sang and zipped her violin.

The tree that provided us shade was heavy with intoxicating yellow blossom. (Must look up what it is). The bees ignored us busy drinking up the nectar.

The audience were representative of maybe a third of the European member states. There was also a smattering of those from further afield.

Just to the side two people danced to La mer. I turned on my Ipad and recorded a few seconds. No idea who the couple are who enjoyed themselves.

I have watched it a few times and it makes me smile, so I thought I would share.

I came home and looked up La mer and found Charles Trenet singing on YouTube. He wrote this classic jazz song and recorded it in 1946. Don’t you just love YouTube! I am now listening to Edith Piaf.



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