Corvina, calories, courts and climate change

As it is day three of A-Z of Blogging, I want a word beginning with C, so Corvina is a possibility. We cooked Corvina for dinner last night. It is a chunky white fish and cost about 12 Euros for just over half a kilo. Eating fresh fish is part of the pleasure of living in the Algarve. With few calories and packed full of nutrients, it could be a topic for writing, but it lacks a bit of oomph and passion. 
While I have been pondering how to liven up this blog post, into my inbox, this morning came a message from the filmmaker Franny Armstrong. Do you remember “The Age of Stupid?” I signed up to her mailing list after seeing and listening to her at the Hay Book Festival in around 2009. I remember how she questioned Ed Miliband when he was Climate Change and Energy Minister.

Her latest email mentioned Undercover cops, who, while infiltrated campaigning groups in the 1980’s, had relationships with activists and then disappeared. Helen Steel of McLibel fame is one such activist. The mention of McDonalds led me to think about healthy eating and how the mighty can fall when one or two people refuse to remain silent.

Franny Armstrong of Spanner Films has now made the film McLibel available to all on YouTube. If you missed it the first time around, then watch it for free and see how the European Court of Human Rights dealt with British libel laws.

McLibel – Movie on YouTube

She has also made the Age of Stupid available for free. It’s worth a watch and a donation.

So, I think I covered C in this post with climate change, the court, and luscious Corvina.

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