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Most mornings I lie in bed thinking I should be writing. I feel guilty. This morning after making a fruity breakfast, I checked Facebook, and email, read the favoured online papers and avoided editing a story.

I discovered another editing avoidance opportunity when I read about Blogging from A to Z. During April, participants write a blog post every day for 26 days. Sundays are free, hence 26 days.

I think I will give it a go.

Today is April 2nd so I should have already written something using A as the theme, but as I am a day late, I am going to combine A & B.

Algarve, British, and Brexit seem appropriate. I think I will throw in attitude, bias, and bollocks for good measure.

I have registered to vote by post in June for the upcoming referendum on the UK’s decision to stay or leave the European Union. I do not subscribe to the UK’s anti-European tabloid scare tactics. I try to avoid bigots and alarmist drama. (Note the use of A & B).

I have personal and value-based reasons for wanting the UK to remain part of Europe. So here is a short, off the top of my head list of why life is better as a European.

Language skills,
Community understanding,

I now have a list of topics for consideration using other letters of the alphabet.

Although, I will probably give trade a miss.

I am not coming to the European debate ill informed. I co-wrote a publication about European involvement for young people called Get In There. (PDF) It is a short guide for community workers who want to influence European policy or just connect up with other community groups.

But enough proselytizing. The A-Z blogging instructions suggest a post short.

I realise up to this point I have not mentioned the Algarve. I will write more about the region as the month progresses. In the meantime, here is a video of a Saturday afternoon in Tavira, Algarve. Relaxing, musical and fun.

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  1. mmmmmmm I want the UK to stay in the union. I love coming to Europe from NZ we my EU passport with not visa restrictions

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