As 2009 fades away

Over the years, I have often been glad to see the end of difficult years and the start of a new year.  This last year, however, has been so good in so many ways, I feel as though a few more days would not go amiss.  I spent three hours this morning potting up tomatoes, peppers, cauliflowers, coriander and some algarve flowers.  I am now wondering if they will survive the next few weeks.   Although the temperature never drops to freezing here it can be very windy on our hill.   I have covered them up and we will see what the morning brings. 

I spoke to my mother a couple of hours ago and her closest friend died this morning.  As she told me about some of their antics, she started to laugh.  I am glad she is not sitting alone with sad memories.  So a passing in more ways than one can be documented today.  Her friend was deaf as a post and she lived until her 88th  year.  The pair of them would take off on a bus together in the summer, using their free passes to go anywhere that took their fancy.  Mom has good memories.

We are going to a free concert in Tavira soon, to watch the fireworks welcome in 2010.  On twitter, people are talking about what they were up to on this night 10 years ago.  On NYE 2000, I went to watch a Frenchman walk the “Three Spires” in Coventry from the window in Broadgate House.  The 3rd floor had the best view.  The next day my photo was pitched by the Coventry Evening Telegraph from the CWN website.  At midnight I stood in the car park of the Criterion Theatre and watched the fireworks. 

As I write this, I am listening to REM and watching our log fire burn part of one of the carob tree trunks that we pruned this year.  I wish everyone the level of contentment I feel now, for 2010.

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