The Canal – Daniel Morris

This is a well written book, with clever and inventive use of language. The author seems to have cornered the market on the description of dirt, filth and disease. In contrast to this is the constant reminder of cleanliness of a main character, to the point of obsession. There are some clever metaphors throughout the book especially linked to dirt and health.
It reminds me of those short horror stories from the 60’s with opaque characters whose existence is intrinsic to the plot.  It is not a light read, but the momentum is fast paced.  I enjoyed the plot, but did so want the book to end.

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From the book.

For detective Joe Lombardi, when a body is discovered dangling beneath the Carroll Street Bridge, the first place he turns to for answers is the nearby canal. With its long history of pollution and neglect, the canal has gained a dubious reputation for ruining people’s lives — Joe’s included. But to Joe’s younger partner, Alan D’Angelo, Joe is little more than a liability, a chain-smoking failure who stands in the way of a much-coveted promotion. Determined to turn the occasion of their investigation to his favor, Alan vows to end Joe’s career by beating him to the killer and currying favor with their new boss. But when it comes to the canal nothing is ever what it seems: as Joe and Alan set out to catch their killer, they’re about to stumble across an unspeakable secret, one that’s waiting for them just beneath the water’s dark surface…
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