Writing Workshop – Update – Future activities – NaNoWriMo

Writing can be a solitary process, so during October, my friend Mary Jezzard and I, designed a workshop and invited a few people interested in words to join us in Tavira Library.

Our plan is to meet again at the Library on Thursday 29 October at 2:30pm, to share writing prompts and more importantly our latest efforts.

Do come and join us.

Bring your ideas, words, poems and thoughts.

We want to get fired up, so that we can write 50,000 words, (or realistically, as much as feels good,) during November.


November is National Novel Writing Month and we will be joining thousands of challenged, enthusiastic, passionate, desperate writers, taking up the opportunity of NaNoWriMo.

Other dates to join us are Monday 9 November at 2:30pm and Monday 23 November at 2:30pm. All activities will take place at Tavira Library.

We would like to thank Paula Ferreira of the Tavira Biblioteca Municipal, Álvaro de Campos, for use of this inspiring space.


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