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New year’s eve Tavira, Portugal

New year’s eve is a strange night.  On the one hand you think of past new year’s when you have been out and about – the fun you had and what you may promised yourself.  This year, I did not want to move from the sofa.  The memory of last year’s fireworks on the old roman bridge was pulling but it was cold out there.  At 10:30pm we put on our coats and went down to Tavira to see what was happening.   As we got out of the car I knew it was going to be very cold.  We bumped into a few friends who were clearly better prepared, with what seemed like blankets, for standing around watching fireworks.  How soon we forget how cold it probably is in the UK!

River and lights on New Years Eve 2011/12

In talking, we discovered that despite austerity measures, Tavira would have fireworks, but not 10 minutes, just 5 minutes.

When the countdown stopped, the fireworks began.   Although good – probably Tavira Fireworks New Years Eve 2011not as good as 2011.  Oh well,  goodbye 2011 and here comes 2012.  Happy New year to everyone.

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