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Chris Keil – Author reading and workshop

Chris Keil is coming to Tavira in December! He has kindly agreed to do a reading at Lura dos Livros on Monday 3rd December. He is also going to run a writing workshop on Tuesday 4th December 10am -1pm

The workshop will cover, how he writes, how to write narrative, dialogue and much much more, also lots of tips and ideas!!

After the workshop people who sign up, will be able to have a 3 course lunch at 1pm at Casa Alexandra. The menu includes one of Marianne’s fabulous soups, wholefoods from the garden (also fish and meat)!!!!! Fabulous puddings!

It is a great opportunity. (please see booking below for the workshop, the reading on Monday night is free)

Chris Keil worked as a sheep-farmer, a journalist, and a tour-guide in a number of European cities.  In academic life he has published and lectured widely on traumatic memory and representations of the Holocaust, and currently lectures at the University of Wales.

He has held literary residencies, workshops and masterclasses in Europe and the United States. He is the author of two acclaimed novels: The French thing (Carreg Gwalch, 2002) and Liminal (Alcemi, 2007). His third novel, Flirting at the Funeral, is published by Cillian Press.

Chris Keil’s third novel

Flirting at the Funeral’ is subtle, evocative, dealing with deep human themes. Keil’s novel reads with the pace and tension of a thriller, addressing urgent contemporary issues, as the global economy melts down. It’s immersive and atmospheric.  The reader is drawn into the lives of the characters.

The critically acclaimed Keil, one of Wales promising new writers, has delivered his best yet with this new novel and has already attracted very favourable critical attention from both the UK and US.il

From – Flirting at the Funeral

At the pool-side, the evening breeze is fragrant with the scent of grilled lobster and designer sun-block. Two German girls in starched white uniforms, buttoned up as tight as barbie dolls, are serving champagne to the guests. Dave Leaper sips his drink and dreams of death and vengeance.

At a clinic in Southern Portugal a group of young film-makers are recreating the songs, the slogans and the idealism of the years of revolution, while an old man, mummified by wealth and power, watches them and pays the bills. He pays and pays, missing nothing.

Flirting at the Funeral is a story about love, money, and lost opportunities, ranging across Europe against a background of  the financial crisis, terrorism and the power of the super-rich.

Please book now to save your place.

The reading at the bookshop is free and will start at 7:30 for about an hour. Wine, water and nibbles provided

The workshop with lunch will be just 30 Euros. It is a 3 course lunch overlooking valleys and hills!!

Email sue@suehall.net

Reviews of Flirting at the Funeral

A sophisticated, deeply mature work, shot through

with oodles of lovely writing and shored up by many

insights and ideas. There were so many sentences

I read with genuine envy, or respect, or simple out and

out delight, and so many brilliant images. Real,

abundant gifts as a writer – this is urbane, serious, but

also seriously entertaining writing.

Jon Gower, Parthian Books 

“Flirting at the Funeral is a philosophical novel in the

best sense, beautifully written, as if G.M. Hopkins

had turned to prose and lived to see the modern

age… a very good novel – the product of a formidable

and original mind.”

Ben Shephard Author of:

A War of Nerves; After Daybreak; The Long Road Home

Book Now

Email sue@suehall.net

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