Álvaro de Campos 125th Anniversary


A celebration of Álvaro de Campos will take place in Tavira from 8th to 25th October 2015. One of the organisers of the programme, Tela Leao, kindly agreed to an interview. The recorded interview explores why this character is of relevance to Tavira, Portugal, what artistic activities will take place and who is involved in the events.
Álvaro de Campos was one of the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa’s heteronyms. Pessoa’s detailed description of Álvaro de Campos, has him born on October 15th, in Tavira 125 years ago.
Associations, the local library, that bears the name of Álvaro de Campos, artists, singers, photographers, dancers, actors, performers and writers, are all coming together to celebrate this character.

Los Negros, Poetry and Music in Faro
Los Negros, Poetry and Music in Faro

As part of the celebration Tela Leao has produced a poetry and musical recital that will be performed in Faro. It will open on on the 8th October at 21.30, in the Teatro das Figuras, Faro.
Bookings and ordering of tickets can be made here 

Other highlights include a photography exhibition and the Sao Bras choir singing in the Tavira Chapel, opposite the library.

The full PDF programme (in English) can be downloaded here 125th Anniversary Alvaro de Campos Programme – PDF

There is also a Facebook page in Portuguese with more information here

There is a useful article about Fernando Pessoa and his Heteronyms by Carmela Ciuraru, on the Poetry Society website. She writes “For some authors, the task of writing is a descent into the self. Pessoa ventured in the opposite direction, using his heteronyms as a means of escape and claiming that within his mini-populace, he was the least “real” and compelling of the bunch.”

The link to the article “Fernando Pessoa and his Heteronyms” can be found here

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