Vini Almada, VJ – Digital visuals & classical guitar exhibition in Tavira

It is sometimes said that artists learn about themselves when creating art that inspires. This is what digital visual artist Vinicius (Vini) Almada believes he is discovering as he explores colour and ideas through digital projection. At the same time he is interpreting classical music within his visual art form.

Vini, 32, is a VJ, a Visual Jockey, who usually shares his creativity in the club SIROPE in Granada, Spain, where he works although still a resident of Tavira.

The music that accompanies his visual imagery, in a new exhibition in Tavira, is very different to the normal club format. His dramatic and rich images accompany classical music.

Vini is a digital visual artist, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is where he began his studies. He later studied in Madrid, becoming a digital photography Director certified by the Instituto Del Cine de Madrid.

Working with the Music Academy in Tavira, and with the support of the Direção Regional de Cultura do Algarve and the Câmara Municipal de Tavira, Vini has created two separate and distinct sets of work combined into one exhibition called YvRP. The exhibition runs till 29 November 2014 at the Science Centre (Centro de Ciência Viva) in Tavira. The exhibition room is part of the former Carmelite convent which houses the science centre. The centre has a standing exhibition but also provides space for art & science (in this case digital art) related exhibitors. The centre facilitated 11,500 visitors last year and primarily works towards the scientific education of children.

Vini’s current work is focused on visual compositions using free code processing which creates random results. He is also exploring collage based upon the digital images generated. He said, “For each image, I create 10-15 images and spend time, often 3-4 hours at a time working on them and continue working until I feel happy with the result.”

His inspiration is as diverse as Francis Bacon, Goya and a derelict car. Some family related images and significant numbers have also been used and metamorphosed into very detailed patterns and colours.

There are two main themes to the exhibition. One theme looks at Europe through images of decay and regeneration. These images are a mixture of saturation, luminance and brightness superimposed in layers of light, colour and contrast.

Visual Artist - Tavira
Digital Artist – Vini Almada – Tavira

What makes this exhibition unique is that it is not only lively and vibrant, but there is an emphasis on accessibility and involvement of children. Small black boxes create the feeling of a 3D image. The boxes have been placed at the head height of children.

Other unframed images are at adult height and follow exploratory compositions of colourful regeneration.

The second part of the exhibition is a synchronicity of digital imagery with classical music. Both mediums are brought together with the use of film editing software. There are ten videos on show.

Here is an example of the visual imagery accompanied by classical guitarist Josué Nunes from the Music Academy in Tavira.

A live performance of the visual imagery accompanied by classical guitar by Josué Nunes, entitled Interdisciplinary Duet, will take place in 24th of January, 6pm at the Igreja da Misericordia in Tavira as part of the music in the churches series. The performance includes music of Brazilian, Spanish and Franco-Tunisian masters.

To visit the existing exhibition before the 29 November – here are the opening times.  The exhibition entrance is through the main science exhibition and the staff will be happy to guide you to the artist’s space.

Details of Science Centre

Centro Ciência Viva de Tavira
Convento do Carmo
Eastern Algarve

Phone: +351 281 326 231
Mobile: +351 924 452 528

Tuesday to Saturday – 10:00 to 18:00
Closed Sunday & Monday

Adult with maximum 3 Children) – €4.00
Family (2 Adults with up to 6 Children) – €7.00
Teachers, Students, Youth Card, & Seniors – €2.50

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