Seascape – A new photography exhibition

Setubal Seascape
Setubal Seascape

This week a new exhibition is being launched. The theme is “Seascape”. The launch will take place at the São Bras Museum. The Algarve Photography Group “is a remarkable, fun and dynamic group of people who have come together to share what they love doing and that is taking good photos”, says Mary McClay the Chair of the group. Mary and the group work together every two months to organise a free photography exhibition. Every couple of weeks there are workshops and days out so that people can learn more about their camera and how to not just look, but to really capture what they are seeing. There are about 40 active members in the group of all nationalities, including Dutch, German, British, Flemish, French and Portuguese. The last exhibition was called food photography and when developing the exhibition the group enjoyed the experience and advice of the Apolonia magazine, food photographer, Luis de Cruz. He said “food photography is about creating an image that makes you want to eat the food”. He came along after the launch and chose his favourite photo.

On Friday 22 March at 7pm, there will be over 40 new photos on display, all coming together under the theme “Seascape”. The event is usually very well attended, so get there early. Nibbles will be available and drinks can be purchased. There is a raffle and the first winner gets their choice of a print of any photo they want, that is on display. There are other good raffle prizes as well. The exhibition is free.

For more information about the Algarve Photography Group Contact Gordon Railton (English/Geordie) +351 912 836 439 or Viet Mueller (many other languages) +351 917 812 421 http://www.algarvephotographers.org/

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