Mandala creation

The turn of the year is a time I usually create a mandala. It is a moment where I set an intention for the year ahead. In a few days it will be 2023, so I have talked to a few friends and invited them to paint, draw or collage at my home near Tavira on Sunday 1st January starting at 2.00pm.
Send me an email if you want to join.

We think six people is enough for this first activity.

But if more people want to explore, I could organise another mandala creating opportunity at a different time. I will provide paper and soft drinks. So bring crayons, paint and be ready to set an intention.

Over the coming months I am thinking of organising regular creative activities involving connection, art, nature, meditation and joy. Does this resonate? I have facilitated many workshops mostly involving writing and community processes.

The mandala image on this page I created in 2013. Most of my mandalas are simple words, with a few drawings. It does not have to be elaborate. Getting clear of the previous year and inviting in a new or different energy is what I aim to do.

Over many years I have been inspired by the processes of the Findhorn Community. So much so I have volunteered to be a Findhorn Resource Person in Portugal. In a way I am trying to create a kind of Findhorn where I am. What does that mean? For me it means, love in action, meditation and tapping into creativity.

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