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Media and the digital divide

The nature of technology and the media as it relates to the concept of a digital divide is a huge topic and a good deal has been written about this subject.  This article will look at this concept from a social policy perspective with some transgression into the role of community information as an approach to enabling people to both access and effectively use technology. Some identify the divide as.. Read More

Cadbury’s, Kraft takes it and covers it in ?

Cadburys – Kraft takes it and covers it in? 1968, Cadbury’s, green grassy banks, packed lunches and school friends.  19 January 2010, husband, greenhouse, twitter and tapas lunch.  Memories and reality collided in the pit of my stomach today, as it was announced that Cadbury’s had accepted the takeover deal from Kraft.  Shareholders have till the 2 February to accept the offer.  In 1968, my Auntie Jean worked at Cadbury’s.. Read More

Publish it yourself

Some technologies are allowing writers to publish their work at no cost. Authors can use Amazon’s Digital Text Platform and upload their work for Kindle download in seconds.   Smashwords, is another publishing medium. that allows authors to upload their work for purchasing in multiple electronic formats. It’s easy. It’s quick and cuts out the middle layer of publishing.  There is also Feedbooks  where they can publish and download free public domain books.  An.. Read More

Social Media – A Force for Good

I watched the Nesta event yesterday that was streamed live.  Stephen Fry, Biz Stone, Founder and Chief Executive of Twitter; and Reid Hoffman, Founder and Chief Executive of LinkedIn discussed the phenomenon of social media and its future impact. It can be viewed here  

It is lonely having a second life

I received an email via a community informatics list.  The author is c.wagner BBC News Magazine just published an interesting article about the fading interest in Second Life. If corroborates what many of us Second Life users have experienced already, namely that it’s pretty lonely out there in Second Life. See I don’t think this diminishes the value of this technology, and still consider virtual worlds as an excellent.. Read More

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