Welcome to my blog.

I am a writer, researcher and journalist, who dabbles in books, literary festivals, environment, sustainability, community development, history, food and travel.

This is my personal blog and it is focused on celebrating life. I live in the deep south of Portugal not far from the Spanish border. I do not post all my published articles on my blog.

I write about the local and how communities connect. My goal is to create insightful and relevant moments.

The photos I use on this blog and in the published articles are my own and I make fair use of content.

I typically post on my blog once or twice a month. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via email. Link on the home page!

My Biography

My background is in Development and ICT. I worked for IBM and Ecosaurus, before getting involved with the use of technology in and between communities. For a few years, I managed the European and International Unit for the Community Development Foundation (CDF) in the UK, working in some difficult places in the European Union, Russia and beyond. As a VSO consultant in Africa, I worked with NGO networks and Governments.

I graduated from Warwick University with a History BA Hons. I acquired the bug of education after an early life of religious high control that did not succeed in blocking my desire to learn.

I studied Law (CPE) at De Montfort University and then PG Law at Birmingham University. I worked for the Crown Prosecution Service for five years.

Journalism and research qualifications came along the way. I write for journals, blogs, and magazines under a couple of pen names and as Sue Hall.

I prefer to write non-fiction, but in the last few years I have written some short stories.

I am married to Jim Hall, who sings and turns our compost heap.

My contact information

Email sue@suehall.net

Twitter: @Communityworks

FB: Sue Hall Writer 

Some of my local articles can be found in the Portugal Resident such as From dump site to deep love

Algarve Literature and Film Association 

Algarve Daily News

ECO-123 Magazine