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Bernardo Carvalho and Will Self – Flipside

One of the liveliest sessions of Flipside, was created by the presence of Will Self.   Having been asked about their books, Bernardo Carvalho and Will Self shared their thoughts on identity.  Will explained that he enjoyed exploring women characters “as he is not a very manly man”.   “It is like shape shifting to explore the female persona”.  Will read from his book “Umbrella” and the whole text came alive, as.. Read More

Flipside – Other Carnivals – New stories from Brazil

This last event at Flipside, was introduced by Liz Calder, as a celebration of some of Brazil’s writers.  Everyone attending the workshop was given the book “Other Carnivals – New stories from Brazil”.  This is a book of 12 short stories and four of the authors, were not only present, but they read parts of their stories.   The artwork in the book is the work of Jeff Fisher . .. Read More

Flipside day 2 – Brazilian Literature and Music Festival

The sun and smiles came out for the 3rd day and final day of the Flipside Festival.  Identity was the theme that permeated the day yesterday and dislocation and exile is the undercurrent to the first session today.  Adriana Lisboa and James Scudamore both shared aspects of their novels that delve into this rich source of inspiration.  Born in Rio de Janeiro, Adriana Lisboa has many awards, including the José.. Read More

Flipside – Festival of Literature and Music – Looking for the Portuguese – Day 1

What is so refreshing about Flip and now Flipside, its English new born baby, is the opportunity to see and feel the contrast of cultures.  The first encounter of the day was a discovery and sharing of inspiration between Milton Hatoum and Ian McEwan, two masters of their craft.  They explored how different political and cultural traditions influenced their work, but they also found common ground in literary experiment.  Milton,.. Read More

Flipside – Festival of Literature and Music – Looking for the Portuguese

The Snape Maltings setting for this International Festival is full of contrasts with Paraty, the home of FLIP.  Arriving early on Saturday morning, meant I was able to not only see the setting up of the Festival, but I also wandered around, a very English Farmer’s market.  The market did have echoes of Portugal and Brazil,  not least in the selling of fish, olive oil and succulent tomatoes.  It was.. Read More

Flipside – Brazilian Literature and Music – the start

Snape Maltings, in west Suffolk, is the home of Aldeburgh Music, which is renowned as an outstanding year-round performance centre.  On Friday evening, the Flipside Literature and Music Festival opened with “The boys from Ipanema”, by paying tribute to the composer and essayist Vincius de Moraes and the musician Antonio Carlos Jobin.  They “boys” (actually two men and a woman) sang and played their way through a fabulous and clear.. Read More

FLIPSIDE in Suffolk

Last year we went to Brazil and one of the highlights of the trip was the Paraty FLIP book festival.  This weekend some of that glamour, joy and humour of FLIP, will be in Snape Maltings in Sufflok and I am going to bask in the experience.  I received the press release this week and here are some of the highlights. “Brazilian literary stars Bernardo Carvalho, Milton Hatoum and Adriana.. Read More

Books, London Book Fair and Tavira reading “flash mob”

A couple of years ago a few book enthusiasts organised an event for young people at the Library in Tavira.  The idea was that children of different cultures would come together and share their favourite books and read in their own language from those books.  Children practiced their reading aloud to an audience and each other and on the performance day they were very excited about being heard and being able to.. Read More