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New – History tours of Tavira


As part of her master’s degree, Isabel Macieira has published several studies about the History of Art. She is the author of the book – “A Pintura sacra em Tavira, séculos XV a XX – estudos e inventário” (The Sacred Painting in Tavira XV to XX centuries). As a teacher between 1983-2014, she developed with various groups an awareness of local history involving the natural and built environment. So it.. Read More

Scared of Shakespeare? Puzzled by Poetry?

Birkenhead-born writer, David Roberts has a passion for shipyards and literature.  A mix of metal, blood and tears came to mind as we talked about his life and the literature course he has been teaching in the Algarve.  I had seen the course advert at São Brás de Alportel Museum, and I had it in the back of my mind to find out more. Fortunately, the week before Christmas, I bumped.. Read More

Burguer King Lear – tumultuous play and an opportunity for reflection

Burguer King Lear

As part of the commemoration of Shakespeare’s death 400 years ago this year, a film version of the play King Lear was shown on Wednesday 22 November in the library in Tavira. Produced in 2006 by Director João Garcia Miguel, this interpretation conveys an inner and outer turmoil that arguably reflects current global themes. While validation of love is the theme of Shakespeare’s King Lear, the decision to ostracise which.. Read More

Hold hands on Tavira island and stop fracking

Human Chain Demo - Fracking

A peaceful protest to highlight the dangers of fracking and offshore drilling in the Algarve will take place on the island of Tavira this coming weekend 23 and 24 July 2016. It has been organised by Tavira in Transition – Tavira em Transicao. The two days will be filled with talks, opportunities to sign petitions, sand sculpture workshops, jazz concerts, a sunset party with DJs and on Sunday 24th, people.. Read More

Onshore or Offshore – Oil, Gas, Drilling in the Algarve

no oil gas demo Tavira

Neptune would probably not be happy with what is being planned 40 kilometres off the coast of Faro. Portuguese media are reporting that despite every Mayor in the Algarve being against offshore oil exploration, drilling for gas may start in October 2016. Antonio Costa Silva, president of the Executive Committee of the Partex Group, said there will be no oil platform in front of the beach. Everything will happen on the seafloor… Read More

Fracking, flowers and water

Wildflowers 2016

It is the time of year when the wildflowers overtake the hill. Yellows, purples and green intermingle with red and orange. I have just been sitting among the flowers, thinking about this post. The theme is supposed to be fracking. It’s an unpleasant word with destructive consequences. I do not want to write about it, but I will mention what is going on, as fracking in the Algarve could potentially.. Read More

Blogging from A – Z

Most mornings I lie in bed thinking I should be writing. I feel guilty. This morning after making a fruity breakfast, I checked Facebook, and email, read the favoured online papers and avoided editing a story. I discovered another editing avoidance opportunity when I read about Blogging from A to Z. During April, participants write a blog post every day for 26 days. Sundays are free, hence 26 days. I.. Read More

Writing workshop – Description and Scene

In the last writing workshop on February 1st, we talked about the role of dialogue as a technique to develop plot and move a story along. Regina Shrimpton created a couple of dialogue exercises and we worked through them to compress and improve. Some writers believe great dialogue should be a chain of poetic or comic gems, zingers of brilliantly crafted one-liners. Some believe it should be exactly like everyday speech. The key.. Read More

Dialogue workshop – Tavira Library, 1st February

dialogue - image

Dialogue, I have been thinking about dialogue. Words spoken by imaginary characters have filled my head for two weeks. My cold and cough have blocked some of the voices, but today, the dialogue between two characters is a source of amusement. Josie Whistler, old hippy, owner of a festival food van has a lot to say. She talks to her dead mother. She talks to her dead sister. Her daughter.. Read More

January – writing workshops in Tavira

Tavira and the river

The “Writing in the Algarve” group held its first meeting of 2016 at Tavira Library. Monday’s (4th January) meeting looked at story, plot and theme. New members mingled with familiar faces. After introductions we went straight into the first writing exercise, a set scene, involving a psychiatric hospital, a windfall and an ill-tempered character. The task was to write for 5 minutes using this framework. The ideas that came through were spontaneous, lively and bold.

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