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It is lonely having a second life

I received an email via a community informatics list.  The author is c.wagner BBC News Magazine just published an interesting article about the fading interest in Second Life. If corroborates what many of us Second Life users have experienced already, namely that it’s pretty lonely out there in Second Life. See I don’t think this diminishes the value of this technology, and still consider virtual worlds as an excellent.. Read More

Wired for Success

I developed a learning programme a year or so ago for the Community Sector Coalition The programme is for small community groups who want to start using computers and ICT.  A report and two volumes can be downloaded for free.    See below for links to PDF’s The key findings of the research into the ICT needs of the community sector are: 1. There is a direct correspondence between the size.. Read More

The kitchen of the world

Monica Ali – In the Kitchen Feisty and tough, is how Monica Ali characterises herself. She is a novelist who creates controversy because she has the audacity to be both Asian and a woman who puts the spotlight on racism and inequality in modern Britain. She was born in Dhaka, Pakistan in 1967, to a white British mother and Pakistani father. When Monica was three they moved to Bolton, Lancashire.    Insomnia.. Read More

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