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New – History tours of Tavira


As part of her master’s degree, Isabel Macieira has published several studies about the History of Art. She is the author of the book – “A Pintura sacra em Tavira, séculos XV a XX – estudos e inventário” (The Sacred Painting in Tavira XV to XX centuries). As a teacher between 1983-2014, she developed with various groups an awareness of local history involving the natural and built environment. So it.. Read More

N is for Neptune in Faro

Neptune Mosaic

Here is a quick post for the letter N. It could have been Neil Young or Neil Armstrong. In the end, it was Neptune. Part of a Mosiac of the god of the sea was unearthed near Faro Railway Station in 1976. Occupying a large room the Mosiac was relocated to the 16th Century Infante Dom Henrique Archaeological Museum. The museum is housed in a former convent in Faro. Along with Neptune, the museum.. Read More

The “old laughing lady” in Olhão market

The Ocean in Olhão

“If I were a pop star, I’d sing like Johnny Cash,” said Clive James. I wondered who Josie would imitate? I do not sing, but music and Josie’s voice are occupying my thoughts. Josie Whistler is a character in development. She may appear as an ageing hippy, owner of a food van, frequenting music festivals, in a new novel this year. The birth pangs are not painful, just ever present and ponderous. My head.. Read More

Jews and Aristides de Sousa Mendes – Museum of Exiles

Aristides de Sousa Mendes

Above the Post Office in Estoril is the Museum of Exiles (Museu Dos Exilios). The modernist building, built in 1942 is the design of the architect Adelino Nunes. The museum was opened in 1999. We visited the museum in early April 2016. Walking up a grand staricase, the visitor reaches a circular landing which is put to good use with a semi-permanent display of exile related documents and photos. The.. Read More

Bringing the churches to life – A Igreja Matriz de Santiago, Tavira

Igreja Santiago cmt

“Igreja” in Portuguese means “church” and today the A-Z writing challenge is I, so I am drafting a post about a couple of the churches in Tavira. Not all churches in Tavira are used for religious practice. Some have metamorphosed into museums and from that has developed an initiative called “Music in the churches.” These events are organised by the Council (in Portuguese – Camara) or by the Academia de.. Read More

Make Hay

Panorama-Square-2 Hay

The Hay Festival programme is out. Details arrived by email on Saturday, which is fortunate as the next letter of the A-Z writing challenge is H. The Hay Literature Festival is more than a book event. It is two weeks of stimulation and reflective entertainment. This year the dates are 26 May to 5 June We are not going to make the trip to Wales, but that does not stop me.. Read More

Egyptian Mummies, CT scanning & Scams

Dr. Campbell Price, the Curator of Egypt and the Sudan at The Manchester Museum is in the Algarve this week, hosted by the AAA, the Archaeological Association. He spoke to an intrigued audience, highlighting how science is revealing what is under the wraps of mummies without having to unwind the ancient linen bandages. The Manchester Museum is home to one of the largest and most important collections of ancient Egyptian.. Read More

Defectors – by any other name

“Kim Philby, Britain’s most notorious cold war traitor, told an audience of East German spies after his defection, that he was able to avoid being rumbled for so long because he had been “born into the British governing class.” So says the Guardian – His exploits, along with those of Burgess, Blunt, and Maclean make for dramatic reading. Known as the Cambridge Spy ring, it turns out that they may.. Read More

Álvaro de Campos 125th Anniversary

  A celebration of Álvaro de Campos will take place in Tavira from 8th to 25th October 2015. One of the organisers of the programme, Tela Leao, kindly agreed to an interview. The recorded interview explores why this character is of relevance to Tavira, Portugal, what artistic activities will take place and who is involved in the events. Álvaro de Campos was one of the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa’s heteronyms. Pessoa’s detailed.. Read More

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