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Sunday – planting trees in the Mata forest, near Tavira

Trees for planting

Around twenty people came to the Mata forest, near Tavira, (including one family with two small children) to plant trees on Sunday, 26 November. Young people and some people with years behind them mingled and worked together on a warm morning and into the afternoon. Around seven nationalities were represented, including Portuguese, Italian, German, Belgium, Swiss, French and British. The focus was the land. The aim was to not only.. Read More

G is for Gertrude and Gardening


“There comes a day towards the end of March when there is little wind….. The sun has gained much power so that it is pleasant to sit out in the garden or better still in some sunny nook…….” Gertrude Jekyll Gertrude Jekyll’s appreciation of colour within her flowering schemes is renowned. She knew what to do and when to do it. Further south from her England, there is what could.. Read More

Fracking, flowers and water

Wildflowers 2016

It is the time of year when the wildflowers overtake the hill. Yellows, purples and green intermingle with red and orange. I have just been sitting among the flowers, thinking about this post. The theme is supposed to be fracking. It’s an unpleasant word with destructive consequences. I do not want to write about it, but I will mention what is going on, as fracking in the Algarve could potentially.. Read More

Diggers and Dreamers – Making a difference in Tavira

The three day “Festival of the Tree” organised by the Tavira Transition Movement, took place in the Library in Tavira and in Mata Santa Rita, during the weekend of 22-24 March.  The main attraction of the festival was Aviram Rozin from Sadhana Forest Auroville, India.  People from many nationalities came together, to learn from his successes and failures.  He shared techniques for growing trees whilst conserving water.  His work in.. Read More

Festival of the Tree – Transition Tavira

Transition Tavira is  part of an international movement to encourage sustainable use of local land, as well as a way of creating community gardens.  Some groups use Permaculture methods and or organic practices.  The group in Tavira have been working on some land near Santa Rita, for a few months.   The land was provided by Tavira Camara, for their use, for 5 years.  The group in Tavira is made up of.. Read More

Mediterranean Garden Society Conference – Portugal

A three-day conference organised by the Mediterranean Garden Society, started on Friday 1st March at the Pine Cliffs Sheraton Hotel near Albufeira.  The Conference is called Friends and Foes in the Mediterranean Garden.   Roy Lancaster was the key speaker on Saturday.  He is a British gardener and broadcaster, known for his work on the long running  BBC TV programme Gardeners’ World.  He has also regularly appeared on the BBC Radio show.. Read More

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