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Hold hands on Tavira island and stop fracking

Human Chain Demo - Fracking

A peaceful protest to highlight the dangers of fracking and offshore drilling in the Algarve will take place on the island of Tavira this coming weekend 23 and 24 July 2016. It has been organised by Tavira in Transition – Tavira em Transicao. The two days will be filled with talks, opportunities to sign petitions, sand sculpture workshops, jazz concerts, a sunset party with DJs and on Sunday 24th, people.. Read More

La mer and all that jazz in the farthest part of Europe

There are moments when you are glad you sat in the right chair. Yesterday afternoon at Sao Bras Jazz Club was one of those goosebump moments. The Hot Manouche Trio that turned out to be a quartet, played Django Rheinhart and other jazz greats. They are playing again in Cafe Cantaloupe on June 28, 2016. Well worth a night out. Yesterday’s setting in the courtyard of the Museum of Work meant.. Read More

Onshore or Offshore – Oil, Gas, Drilling in the Algarve

no oil gas demo Tavira

Neptune would probably not be happy with what is being planned 40 kilometres off the coast of Faro. Portuguese media are reporting that despite every Mayor in the Algarve being against offshore oil exploration, drilling for gas may start in October 2016. Antonio Costa Silva, president of the Executive Committee of the Partex Group, said there will be no oil platform in front of the beach. Everything will happen on the seafloor… Read More

N is for Neptune in Faro

Neptune Mosaic

Here is a quick post for the letter N. It could have been Neil Young or Neil Armstrong. In the end, it was Neptune. Part of a Mosiac of the god of the sea was unearthed near Faro Railway Station in 1976. Occupying a large room the Mosiac was relocated to the 16th Century Infante Dom Henrique Archaeological Museum. The museum is housed in a former convent in Faro. Along with Neptune, the museum.. Read More

The “old laughing lady” in Olhão market

The Ocean in Olhão

“If I were a pop star, I’d sing like Johnny Cash,” said Clive James. I wondered who Josie would imitate? I do not sing, but music and Josie’s voice are occupying my thoughts. Josie Whistler is a character in development. She may appear as an ageing hippy, owner of a food van, frequenting music festivals, in a new novel this year. The birth pangs are not painful, just ever present and ponderous. My head.. Read More

L is for love, lies and last days!

Christopher Hitchens

Jim, my husband, wants me to write about love. But I am not sure where to begin. I could talk about all the people that I love, but that may embarrass them and me. I could say I love my family, but what does that indicate? If you were raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and decided to leave, then you probably have had a weird experience of love and family.. Read More

Knitting, Kaffe, and old patterns

Old Portuguese patterns

I knit. I knit less these days, but when I do it is gloriously satisfying. I learned as a child the intricacies of plain, purl and pass the slip stitch over. My stash of wool is more than I could ever knit up. It is a kind of unformulated security blanket that sits in a large plastic box. I have metal and bamboo pins along with a prized set of.. Read More

Jews and Aristides de Sousa Mendes – Museum of Exiles

Aristides de Sousa Mendes

Above the Post Office in Estoril is the Museum of Exiles (Museu Dos Exilios). The modernist building, built in 1942 is the design of the architect Adelino Nunes. The museum was opened in 1999. We visited the museum in early April 2016. Walking up a grand staricase, the visitor reaches a circular landing which is put to good use with a semi-permanent display of exile related documents and photos. The.. Read More

Bringing the churches to life – A Igreja Matriz de Santiago, Tavira

Igreja Santiago cmt

“Igreja” in Portuguese means “church” and today the A-Z writing challenge is I, so I am drafting a post about a couple of the churches in Tavira. Not all churches in Tavira are used for religious practice. Some have metamorphosed into museums and from that has developed an initiative called “Music in the churches.” These events are organised by the Council (in Portuguese – Camara) or by the Academia de.. Read More

Make Hay

Panorama-Square-2 Hay

The Hay Festival programme is out. Details arrived by email on Saturday, which is fortunate as the next letter of the A-Z writing challenge is H. The Hay Literature Festival is more than a book event. It is two weeks of stimulation and reflective entertainment. This year the dates are 26 May to 5 June We are not going to make the trip to Wales, but that does not stop me.. Read More